Quality Control

Quality Policy Statement:
West Philadelphia Bronze is committed to producing the highest quality castings in accordance with customer and industry requirements. We pride ourselves on our Level 1 government work, which adheres to the highest standards of quality.
We Believe Quality is Everyone’s responsibility.
Our Quality Management System (QMS), corrective action, and continual improvement programs are critical to this commitment and enable us to improve our processes and products, on every order.

Laboratory and Q/A Equipment:

West Philadelphia Bronze stresses the utmost quality in their products.  This consists of a process documented system which follows the product throughout the entire casting and machining processes.  Our QA program is in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015, MIL-Q-9858, & MIL-I-45208A.

Chemistry Lab:

  • Spectro 5 matrix optical emission spectrograph (2000)

Mechanical Testing Lab:

  • Tinius Olsen tensile machine
  • Brinell hardness testing equipment
  • Electrical conductivity testing equipment
  • Magnetic Permeability
  • Weldability (outsourced)

Non-Destructive Testing:

  • Dye penetrant
  • Hydrostatic testing equipment
  • Radiographic testing (outsourced)

Dimensional Inspection:

  • Layout table
  • Various hand measuring equipment

Sand Lab:

  • No-bake and Green sand testing equipment

Pattern Shop:

  • Various equipment for the restoration and upkeep of pattern equipment