About Us

Mission Statement: West Philadelphia Bronze Corp. is a non-ferrous foundry and machine company dedicated to producing casting and machined parts of the engineered alloys.  We create a partnership with our customers to fit their needs.  While uniting a team of dedicated employees working in a safe environment, WPB is an active participant within the community and a sponsor of an ongoing training program for the foundry and machine industry.  Our customers are global and we will continue to strive for world class recognition.History: West Philadelphia Bronze Corp. was founded in 1947 by two brothers, Ralph and Charles Cacciutti.  Ralph was a molder at the Philadelphia Navy Yard foundry; Charles was a core maker at an iron foundry in Philadelphia.  The first plant was just a small building in West Philadelphia; then in 1970 a new and larger plant was purchased.  At this time, Ralph’s son, Ralph V. Cacciutti, who started in the foundry business in 1963, took over as President.  In 1977, the Company went to 100% electric melting.  In 1986, WPB acquired Crown Foundry (established in 1887) in Chester, Pennsylvania.  In 1988, all operations were moved to the 100,000 square foot Chester facility.  1990 welcomed the third generation into the business and has taken the foundry to a new level.  Since 1995, WPB has acquired several small foundries.  In 1996,WPB made a one million dollar investment and started an in-house state of the art CNC machining facility.  In the past decade, WPB made a complete renovation of its facilities, creating a high tech metallurgical laboratory. WPB switched to a fully automated computerized sand system and molding lines and added several types of machines to improve West Philadelphia Bronze’s ongoing dedication to producing a finer casting.  In 2007 WPB implemented a new quality system which continues their tradition of quality.



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