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West Philadelphia Bronze is proud to announce it’s recent completion of a in house quality system.  As a result of recent audits WPB has passed Sub-Safe Level 1 requirements for the following suppliers: Tyco Flow Control, Hunt Valve Company, ITT FLYGT, Curtiss Wright EPD Division, Newport News Shipbuilding, Electric Boat and Flowserve Corp. We look forward to years of dedicated service and quality to these and all our customers.  We also would like the chance to pass your quality audit.  Please call or email us with any quality inquiries.  We are always looking to better ourselves and the product we produce.  That is why our corporate slogan says,“Where Quality is a Tradition Since 1947.”DSCF0023

West Philadelphia Bronze welcomes Captain Ronald Horton of the U.S.S. Enterprise .

Captain Horton and the other distinguished guests from the U.S. Navy and Newport News Shipbuilding visit WPB Corp to oversee the casting of 70/30 pump casings for the U.S.S. Enterprise’s current overhaul.


R.J. and Charles Cacciutti were recently featured in an article found in the April 2009 issue of Foundry Magazine.  Displayed is an excerpt from that article.

Generations of knowledge
Fifteen years ago, 90 percent of West Philadelphia Bronze’s annual tonnage was consisted of leaded-alloy products. Today, that figure has dropped to less than two percent. Since brothers Ralph andCharles Cacciutti took over the Chester, PA, family business, they have expanded the foundry’s production of new materials in more ambitious applications.

West Philadelphia Bronze was started in 1947 and is run now by the third generation of Cacciuttis.84150Cacciuttis_00000056438 Since entering the business in 1990, Ralph and Charles have overseen the purchase of several small foundries, and staged ambitious investments in CNC machining, a high-tech metallurgical laboratory, and a new quality system.

Under the Cacciuttis’ direction, West Philadelphia Bronze has also focused its business on turnkey parts made with engineered alloys, such as copper nickel, aluminum bronze, and Monel, for military applications, as well as power generation and refineries.

Running the company doesn’t mean Ralph and Charles conduct their work from an office. Far from it. The two take part in every phase of production. Following high school, their father and grandfather taught them the nuances of coremaking, floor molding, the cleaning room, and machine shop.

“We often receive patterns that have gone through five other foundries and they couldn’t make the part,” says Charles. “They’ll send it here and it’s no problem for us. We take jobs that are very difficult, highly cored, and we’re able to turn them around. It’s because of the knowledge handed down from generations before us and learning to perfect those processes.”EnterpriseShip

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